How to replace Toshiba Satellite A200/M200/M300/L300 keyboard

This maintenance guide applies to Toshiba Satellite A200 keyboard, Satellite M200 keyboard, Satellite M300 keyboard, Satellite L300 series keyboard. More detailed models, please refer to this webpage:

1. Disconnect all the external device and the power adapter, remove the battery.

2. Turn the Toshiba Satellite L300 upside down

3. Loose the screw securing KBD Holder. M2.0x1.8B Flat BIND screws x3

Toshiba L300 Keyboard

satellite L300 keyboard

4. Upside down the Toshiba Satellite L300 keyboard.

5. Remove KBD holder. Remove the KB holder screw: M2.5 x 3B x1

Toshiba L300 Keyboard-1

Toshiba Satellite L300 keyboard

6. Insert your finger into the keyboard slot and keyboard. Then lift up the keyboard to remove it.

Toshiba L300 Keyboard-2

Toshiba Satellite L300 keyboard

7. Disconnect keyboard cable.

8. Reverse the procedure to install the new Toshiba Satellite L300 keyboard.

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