Disassemble ACER ASPIRE ONE D250 guide



This is a step by step guide for people who wants to change or modify stuff inside AOD250 Netbook. I am doing this for the fact that the default WiFi Card included (Broadcom BCM4315) do not work in Snow Leopard 10.6.2 (Hackintosh). I am replacing the BCM4315 with a BCM4321 that’s comes with an additional draft-n technology and the most importantly, works NATIVELY in Snow Leopard! Lastly, yes you can see that it is a 11 page full guide but trust me, there are more pictures than words!
Acer Aspire One D250
Please do keep in mind that this guide is for Acer Aspire One D250 (AOD250). Not any other model or kind of Aspire One.  You can find the related parts such as battery, adapter, CPU fan, keyboard of AOD 250 provide on battery-adapter.com.


Step I
Tools Needed:

  •  Normal philip screw driver
  • Couple of flat head screw driver
  •  Tweezer
  •  Flat credit card size plastic piece
  •  A nice working space.
    Aspire one D250

    Aspire one D250


Step II

  • Remove all cables and multimedia storage cards attached.
  • Flip D250 over
  • Remove battery
  • Unscrew everything that its circled in RED.
  • You will end up with 10 normal screws, 1 elongated version of the normal screws and 3 black flat screws.
  • Last in this step will be to use a flat head screw driver to flip the 3 covers open through the opening. Please do be careful, not to scratch the surface.

Aspire one D250

Aspire one D250

It is only wise for you to keep all the screws together with a magnet or some similar sort of stuff. I doubt you will want any of the screws missing.

Step III

  • Now you will need to remove two more normal screws in the RED circles.
  • Removing the harddisk is simple, just push it in the direction of the battery compartment and flip it up from the connector side.
  • Do note that the RAM is not needed to be removed.
    Aspire one D250

    Aspire one D250


Puzzled about that WiFi Card in this picture to the lower right? It is my newly upgraded Broadcom BCM4321. This area will most probably be empty in your D250.

Step IV

  • Flip open the LCD screen and just remove the two top corners silver plastic parts.
  • Removing the ACER ASPIRE ONE D250 keyboard.

o There is a small notch right above the F8 key.
o Use the flat head screw driver to push it in all the way.
o The keyboard will pop-up a little towards you.
o Now just grab any of the buttons near the top and flip the whole ACER ASPIRE ONE D250 keyboard towards you to about 40 degrees.
o After which you will have to slide the keyboard towards the LCD screen and do note that you do not pull out the whole keyboard now as there is a delicate ribbon cable below it!!

Aspire one D250

Aspire one D250

Aspire one D250

Aspire one D250

Step V

  • Removing the ribbon cable is easy. Notice the two grey knobs at both edge of the connector? These are the locks for the ribbon cable. Using 2 flat heads, push the two knobs away from the connector simultaneously. Now the ribbon cable comes off without any effort at all. If you want to replace the keyboard only, now, you can install your new Aspire one D250 keyboard.   

Aspire one D250

Aspire one D250Aspire one D250

Step VI

  • Once the keyboard is removed, you will have 5 more normal screws in RED to deal with.
  • Next is to remove the 3 ribbon cables in YELLOW. Do use the same method as what you did for the keyboard ribbon cable, if the grey knobs are there. If there isn’t just use a flat head to push it off the connector. Leave the power cable, GREEN circle, at this moment.
  • Pop out the black bezel with the credit card size thing. Pulling one side up with your fingers first, slot it into the gaps and start going round until the whole thing comes off.
    Aspire one D250

    Aspire one D250


If you do see some clear or masking tapes sticking around, just remove them and have nothing to worry about.

Step VII

  • Removing the black bezel means revealing the rear face of the mainboard already. Things start to get a little bit more tricky here.
  • Half-sized mini WiFi card will have to go first, remove the 2 antenna cables using a tweezer. Then remove the screw holding on to the WiFi card.
  • Remove the normal screw in YELLOW.
  • Remove the 3 cables in RED circle.
  • Hold on to the part where the WiFi card was. Flip up the board a little bit and start pulling it towards the right until the pink and green audio jack connector comes off the chassis hole.
  • Now the whole board will flip towards the right with just one big cable attached.

Aspire one D250

Aspire one D250


    • Up till this point you can replace almost everything on board already.
    • However, if you are more adventurous, go on to remove the cable in RED.
Aspire one D250

Aspire one D250


  • Now the main board will be totally out.
    Aspire one D250

    Aspire one D250

  •  Rear face of the main board

    Aspire one D250

    Aspire one D250


Step IX

  • Removing the secondary board is simple. There is only one normal screw in RED (4 pictures up) next to the WiFi card slot. Taking off the screw will mean removing the whole secondary board
    Aspire one D250

    Aspire one D250


Step X

  • Bare chassis with only the speakers, WiFi antenna, power board and the LCD screen left.
  • To remove the whole LCD screen off, just unscrew the few screws attached in GREEN circle.
    Aspire one D250

    Aspire one D250

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